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Friday, 13 October 2017

Somerset Art Weeks Tours of St Cuthberts Mill

Cathy, Nicki, Kate and Kim

Somerset Art Weeks 2017 has now come to an end. This year’s festival celebrated St Cuthberts Mill opening its doors for the first time, to run exclusive tours of our historic paper mill. We also supported the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen’s event ‘Paper Prospects’. This saw artist Jonathan Blackmore run a popular free lino cut workshop, using Somerset paper from St Cuthberts Mill.

The guided tours of St Cuthberts paper mill provided a real insight into the world of papermaking for our visitors. Many had never seen how paper is made, especially using a mould machine that dates back to 1906. A vast number of visitors were surprised to see how much goes into the process, and how ‘hands on’ everything is.

Our members of staff met some truly wonderful people, and were happy to ensure that our tours were interesting and informative. We’ve had some fantastic feedback from the local community, and beyond.

Our tour guides Cathy, Kim, Kate and Nicola have all now returned to their day jobs as the tours have come to an end. We’d like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to everyone who came to the mill.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2017- 'Prospect'

23 September- 8 October

Somerset Art Weeks is the unique celebration of Visual Arts in Somerset.
This year St Cuthberts Mill is involved in many ways for Somerset Art Weeks. Not only are we giving pre-booked tours of the mill, but we are also providing paper for the Somerset Guild of Craftsmen’s ‘Paper Prospects’ event.

“As part of the Guild’s focus during Somerset Art Weeks on “Paper Prospects”, Guild Member and linocut printmaker Jonathan Blackmore will be offering a free ‘have-a-go’ sessions on October 7-8 at the Guild Shop (venue #29). In partnership with St. Cuthberts Mill - makers of quality paper - this is the perfect way to SUPPORT LOCAL this Autumn: print a Somerset scene, on Somerset Paper with a Somerset Artist! When you buy handmade, you support local craftsmen and women, and acquire something truly beautiful. Open Monday-Saturday 10am-4pm.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Interview with artist
Annie Williams

St Cuthberts Mill Award Winner
Annie Williams

“The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition / St Cuthberts Mill prize for an outstanding work on paper, worth £250, has been awarded to Annie Williams for her watercolour, Still Life with a Small Spanish Bowl. Abstraction meets representation in this dynamic work, which is occupied by beautiful prussian blue, cerulean and ultramarine tones. Speaking of the subject matter, the artist said “most of my chosen objects are pots – I have a sister and friends who are potters, so have acquired quite a number over the years. I love their shapes and colours.” Congratulations Annie!

 The Sunday Times shortlisted works will be shown at Mall Galleries, London from 19 – 24 September 2017 before touring to a number of venues across the UK.

Annie Williams, Still Life with a Small Spanish Bowl.

Annie Williams, RWS/RE/RBA, was born in London and grew up in Wales. She originally worked as a Nurse at the Great Ormond St Hospital before studying art at the City & Guilds Art School. Annie now lives and works in London, and is an elected member of the Royal Watercolour Society (RWS), Royal Society of Painter/Printmakers (RE), and the Royal Society of British Artists (RBA). She regularly exhibits with the Bankside Gallery.

Annie is mostly a still life artist who creates compositions by incorporating a variety of shapes, patterns, textiles and newspaper cuttings into her work. These mixed media compositions often have a distinct element of abstraction.

Patchwork III

Your work is made up of a variety of mixed media. What do you feel these different elements bring to your work?

My work is primarily watercolour plus a little added gouache for some highlights, or structural changes. On a separate board I often pin up a collage of various media including abstract patterns I had previously painted. The still life is arranged in front of this. This gives me the chance to play with shapes and colours. Sometimes the background is entirely imaginary.

Listening to music

What is the best part of creating art?

Like anyone who is happy at work, one can get totally submerged in the process and forget all the other problems that life throws at one. It kept me sane last year as I coped with six months of chemotherapy for Lymphoma. 

What is your creative process like?

It can be difficult to get started, but once involved it can be hard to stop. At the moment I paint on average 4 hours a day, excluding time spent on framing and other connected things. I’m lucky that I belong to 3 art societies and there are always exhibitions to work towards. I am always trying to think of new ideas or subject matter.

A river runs through it

What is the best art advice you’ve ever been given?

The best advice - thats a difficult one, the advice I would give to others is go to exhibitions, look at other peoples work, think about why you do or don't like it, learn from them. Send into open exhibitions, you never know you might be successful and get shown . Wonderful for building up confidence.

How has your artistic style changed over the years?

I think my work has become a little more abstract, more colourful, my subject matter has changed considerably.

How do you feel about winning The Sunday Times Watercolour Competition / St Cuthberts Mill Prize?

I feel quite chuffed! I only decided to enter on the last day of submission. I also look forward to trying out some new paper. The choice of paper is incredibly important to me in getting a result I am happy with.

Friday, 25 August 2017

Prospects of Printing with Jonathan Blackmore Artist! 

7th and 8th October 2017

'Have-a-go' at printing on St Cuthberts Mill's paper with Jonathan Blackmore - a Somerset scene, on Somerset paper, with a Somerset artist! Venue 29: Somerset Guild of Craftsmen, 23a Broad St, Wells, BA5 2DJ. 10am-3pm. FREE. Email:

Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Somerset Art Weeks Festival 2017- 'Prospect'

23 September- 8 October
Somerset Art Weeks is the unique celebration of Visual Arts in Somerset.
Alternating between Open Studios and Festival years, Somerset Art Weeks is now firmly established as one of the biggest showcases celebrating the visual arts in the South West. With over 350 artists in 120 venues for 16 days of this autumn’s Festival, many venues have embraced the theme ‘Prospect’ in their shows and events.

St Cuthberts Mill

For the first time St Cuthberts Mill is opening its doors for guided tours during Somerset Arts Week! St Cuthberts Mill is an 18th century paper mill, which is now an internationally renowned business.

Visitors will be given a unique insight into the world of creating artists papers. At St Cuthberts we produce a wide variety of high quality papers, including Bockingford, Saunders Waterford, Millford and Somerset papers. Each individual tour will provide an enhanced view of this process.
The tours will be a strictly pre-booked event. 
**Please note that the mill is a historical building with uneven ground, steep steps, and slippery surfaces. 

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Patchings Art Festival 2017

Work in progress by Ann Blockley on Saunders Waterford paper

The St Cuthberts Mill crew have just experienced a weekend full of creativity at Patchings Art Festival. All our art demonstrators were fantastic, and the crowds had a brilliant time. We had our ‘Try and Test’ area again this year which was a huge success, and was manned by Dominic Cooper and Kate Taylor from St Cuthberts.

StC's Catherine Frood with artist Carne Griffiths

An artist new to Patchings was Carne Griffiths. Carne performed several demonstrations for us over the weekend. Well done to Carne for keeping the audience entertained when the electrics blew, firstly because of his kettle (he paints with hot tea, ink, and alcohol), and secondly because a camper van plugged in, and tripped the electrics out. Even with these slight interruptions, every demo went exceptionally well. A massive thank you to demo artists David Bellamy, Ann Blockley, Soraya French and Carne Griffiths. And huge thanks to everyone at Patchings Art Centre for yet another fabulous festival!

Jenny Keal with husband/artist David Bellamy

Wonderfully vibrant work by artist Soraya French

See you for the Patchings Art Festival's '25th Anniversary' next year!

Thursday, 6 July 2017

Patchings Art Festival 2017


10am to 5pm each day – 

gates open from 9am

Were looking forward to Patchings Art Festival next week! Thanks to Daler-Rowney for the goodies for our Try & Test area. Make sure you come along to splash some paint around on our papers!